Doomed Industries

I find it humorous that Yahoo featured a story about doomed industries on their website today. They appear to be doomed themselves. I think there was even an article on this morning about their struggles.

I remember a time when Yahoo was my go to site. I wouldn’t have dreamed of using any other site for my search needs. Now, I only visit when forced to. I suspect it is the same for most people. It’s funny how things change.

Read the article about doomed industries:


Best Email Options

Another friend (yes I have more than one friend) asked me this question today.

If you were to pick an email for the rest of your life would it be a gmail account? It’s popular now, and the company looks like it will be here for a while, but at one point everyone had and then everyone had

My response to him was that it’s hard to say what will be around forever. Regarding Google and Gmail, I don’t think there’s a better option, unless you were to purchase your own domain. The biggest downside to having your own domain is that you’re paying for your email. To me, Google seems like the best bet right now if you want free email.