Salvation Story

How would you summarize the story of salvation?

I would say that it’s about sin. Our sin.

Jesus died to forgive our sins.

But, what is sin?

What if you were part of a generation that didn’t identify with the idea of sin?

Taking that further, if you grew up outside the church would you even understand the concept of sin?

I bring this up because most of the messages I’ve heard focus on the idea of sin.

What do we do if people don’t identify with that?

Maybe we need to shift our focus.

Change our perspective.

Tell a different story.

Now, I’m not proposing that we change the Bible. I’m proposing that we change the way we present it.

What if the salvation story was about restoration?

What if it was about making things new?

What do you think?

Would it make a difference?


Politics and Sin

I’ve been wondering…

Why are politicians encouraged to leave office when they are caught in adulterous relationships?

Does that affect someone’s ability to govern? Perhaps it can be argued that dealing with personal issues can distract from the job of governing our country, but I’m not really sure that’s the reason our leaders step down when faced with these issues.

I think there’s a public perception that these politicians have committed the unforgivable sin. And yet, it’s a sin that is so rampant across our culture that in one way or another it touches almost everyone. I’m not trying to justify it. I just think it’s interesting that sexual sin is one of the lines we draw in the sand for our politicians. If they cross that line they are out. Why do we do that? Why do we pick that sin?