Messy Kids? Use this Bib

Do you have a messy kid?

Are you tired of food stained clothes?

My wife and I were. Then we tried the Kladd Prickar bibs from Ikea.

They are inexpensive ($5.99 for two), they cover everything, and when you’re done you can throw them in the wash.

We’ve received so many positive comments on them from other parents, I thought it might be worthwhile to share.

*I have not been paid by Ikea for this post.


This is crazy

This is crazy.

Parents put baby at risk atop Pulpit Rock

I feel sick and nervous just thinking about it.

There’s this thing inside me that causes me to freak out any time I see someone near the edge of any cliff or mountain.

This doesn’t stop me from doing things like climbing Mt Whitney. It just make me cautious.

Do other people not experience that same sence of nervousness?

Guess not.

Or, at least they ignore it.