I’ve been thinking about the idea of restoration.

It’s a beautiful concept.

Returning someone or something to a former condition, place, or position.

What’s better than an old Victorian house returned to its original beauty?

Or, a classic car that looks and sounds just as it did the day it rolled off the factory line?

Or, the lost puppy being reunited with its family?

I could go on and on, but I think we could all use a little restoration.

Remember how perfect things were before __________?

What if we could go back?

What if we could be restored or renewed?

I think it would be beautiful.

I think it would be healing.

I think it would be transformative.

I think I could use a little restoration.

What do you think?


Salvation Story

How would you summarize the story of salvation?

I would say that it’s about sin. Our sin.

Jesus died to forgive our sins.

But, what is sin?

What if you were part of a generation that didn’t identify with the idea of sin?

Taking that further, if you grew up outside the church would you even understand the concept of sin?

I bring this up because most of the messages I’ve heard focus on the idea of sin.

What do we do if people don’t identify with that?

Maybe we need to shift our focus.

Change our perspective.

Tell a different story.

Now, I’m not proposing that we change the Bible. I’m proposing that we change the way we present it.

What if the salvation story was about restoration?

What if it was about making things new?

What do you think?

Would it make a difference?