My son amazes me

My son amazes me.

He has a great memory, an incredible eye for detail and apparently a good sense of direction.

Last night as we pulled into a Downtown Burbank parking lot he began asking about Olaf.

This isn’t necessarily abnormal, as he is obsessed with Frozen, but the reason he was asking about Olaf this time, was because he remembered that there was a candy store near the parking lot with a stuffed Olaf in the window.

Crazy right?

He just amazes me more and more each and every day. It truly is a blessing to watch him grow, even though I wish he would slow down.


Two Month Check-up

Yesterday, Michael went in for his two month check up. The doctor’s report was great. Michael is healthy and growing.

To reward him for his great work on growing, we had the doctor give him his two-month immunizations. I wasn’t there, but Erin tells me that he didn’t enjoy the experience. And, I believe her. He was upset for the rest of the evening and every time he woke up in the night. I’ve never heard his cry sound quite like it did. It wasn’t the normal I’m hungry cry. It was much worse, and it makes me sad just thinking about it. I feel bad for Erin having to take care of him all day while I work. She’s amazing. Hopefully he starts to feel better soon.

As bad as last night made me feel for him, it doesn’t compare to when I watched him receive his circumcision in the hospital. I almost passed out. I had to prop myself up on a wall to keep from falling over. I don’t know what I was thinking when i went with him for the procedure. I am not good with that type of thing to begin with, and to watch my son scream in pain made it even worse.

How am I going to be able to watch this kid grow up and experience pain?