Cup with a Cause

I stopped by the 7-Eleven across from my office this morning and noticed a new promotion while I was serving myself some coffee. The promotion is called “Cup with a Cause”, and it’s a philanthropic venture for 7-Eleven.  Here’s a description of the program from   The 7-Eleven Coffee Cup with a Cause program brings limited […]

What I’m Up To: New Social Media Focus

Over the past couple days I've been making tweaks to And while the transformation is not yet complete, I thought I'd share a little about what I'm up to.   I read a lot about social media, nonprofits and technology.  It's the most prevalent subject in my Google Reader and it's what fills my email inbox […]

Viral Marketing and Fringe

Just came across an awesome viral marketing campaign for Fringe, the J.J. Abrams drama on FOX.  If you watch the show, you’re probably aware of a character called “The Observer” who seems to appear whenever strange things happen.  Apparently FOX has launched a campaign where they place actors posing as “The Observer” in various locations around […]