How is God using my gifts to touch others?

It’s a good question. 

One I probably need to dwell on for a while.

How is God using my gifts to touch others?


I’d like to think that my service in my local church touches others. 

While I haven’t had someone come up to me to confess their sins and  ask to be baptized because of something I’ve said or done, I would like to think that I have indirectly had an effect.

I run my church’s communication and marketing. I’m responsible for the messages we put out over the web and through social media. 

Hopefully those messages help people find us, and find purpose. 

Hopefully those messages keep people coming back.

Hopefully those messages are building community.

Hopefully those messages are touching people. 

That’s a lot of hoping, I know. But, I really do hope my work is touching others. 

How do you think God using your gifts to touch others?


Seven Years of Marriage

Last week the wife and I celebrated 7 years of marriage.

It’s crazy how time flys.

Anyway, I try to stick to the traditional anniversary gifts, and this year was copper, so I gave the wife this copper wind chime.


I’m not sure how she feels about it, but I am loving sitting in the back yard listening to its gentle twinkle sound.

I’m kind of a romantic.