The Curse of Too Many Channels

We don’t have cable.

There are times I wish we did, but mostly I’m satisfied with the handful of channels we get through the antenna on the roof of our house.

Because we don’t have cable, we find ourselves watching shows we might otherwise overlook in favor of binge watching HGTV or the Food Network.

A few nights ago we happened upon a Nature documentary on Snow Monkeys. It was amazing. It brought back childhood memories of watching PBS programs like NOVA with my family. And, it made me realize that I want to forge those same memories with my family.

There are so many great, educational television programs that go unnoticed when we have hundreds of channels at our disposal. I guess I had just forgotten that and lost sight of some good television.



We all need some time to reset. 

Whether it’s a vacation, a sabbath, or even a few hours, we all need a little break to set aside the junk in our lives.

It’s interesting to me that most employers pay you to take time off. I guess somewhere along the line they discovered that it’s beneficial to give their employees a break.

If your employer thinks it’s important to allow you paid time off, it must be important. Why else would they pay you not to work? It’s not like most businesses enjoy handing out money.

I spent this last week on vacation. It was a much needed break and it allowed me time to focus on what’s important in my life, my family.

We hiked, we played games, we ate, we laughed, we spent time together. It’s what I needed.

It was a good break.

It was a time to reset my priorities and refocus on what’s important.


Ah, November. My favorite month of the year. The weather turns
cooler, the leaves start to fall and we get to celebrate what is
probably my favorite holiday of the year.

But more than that, November has always been special to me because
it’s birthday season for my family. My Dad, Grandpa, one of my
brothers and I all share this month. And, after I got married I added
three more birthdays to list: my father-in-law, brother-in-law and
sister-in-law. It’s a full month, but it’s a month of celebrating life
and everything we have to be thankful for.

This year I’m a little sad because it’s the first November since my
Grandpa passed. In fact, today is his birthday. I miss him. I wish he
were here to make jokes and enjoy the family gatherings.

But, even though I’m saddened by the loss of my Grandpa, I’m still
excited for this month. I’m excited about family. I’m excited about
giving thanks. And, I’m excited to relax and enjoy life.