Here is the design for the latest series at the Glendale Church of Christ. The series is titled “Spirited.”

I liked the idea of wind representing the Spirit.



Drawing Whales

I have been drawing a lot of whales lately.

I can’t say that I have really ever tried to draw one before, so it was a bit of a learning process, as you can see from my sketch pad below. I think I got better as I went along.


Now, you might be thinking that’s great Brian, but why whales? Why now?

Well, if you didn’t already know, Erin and I have a little boy due in September.


We have been exploring a whale/nautical theme for his room, so I have been learning to draw whales.

It has been fun to draw again. I don’t think I have really done much drawing since high school.

The thing that amazed me was that there are so many ways to draw a simple, cartoonish whale. I haven’t even scratched the surface here. Which one is your favorite?

Consumer with a desire to create

I’m a consumer with a desire to create.

I can tell you what I think about your product and what would make it better but when it comes to creation I am less than inspired. And I wish it weren’t that way.

In all honesty, I figure I have very few original ideas. I like to stand on the shoulders of others and take the next step (adaptation of a line from Jurassic Park).

I have tried to be creative in the past in many different arenas. Something that had come quite naturally to me is my appreciation for music. And since any fool can pick up a guitar and play… I thought it would be an easy transition to creation.

The problem is I lack the discipline and concentration to progress enough to ever play the guitar confidently. For 15 years I have been a mediocre beginner. I’m not sure that will ever change.

And as a mediocre beginner I have tried to write music and poetry, but I have never been as happy as I am when I hear the latest release from (insert musician here).

I guess I am writing this in an attempt to validate this existence. Is it ok to be a consumer?

Is it a creative art in and of itself?

I’m not sure.

All I know is that I have a desire to create… and have yet to find an outlet for that.