Incredible images from space

These are amazing and beautiful:

NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg’s Spactacular Images of Earth From Space

Spectacular Photo of Saturn and Its Rings Captured by NASA Spacecraft

I can’t even begin to comprehend the enormity of our universe. It’s both frightening and inspiring to me. And to think that we have developed technology to venture out of our own atmosphere to study and photograph it is simply amazing.


Google Nexus Q

Even though I’m an iPhone user, I like to keep up with the latest Google/Android developments. Today was a big day for Google. They announced new products, services and updates to multiple programs and Android.

One of the interesting new products announced was Nexus Q. It’s a big, black octopus that streams music and video from Google Play and your Android devices.

With a $299 price tag it sounds like a more expensive Apple TV. And, I’m not sure why Google would need this device in addition to their current tv offerings but it’s interesting to say the least. I’ll be curious to see if it sells well.

Major labels to abandon CDs in 2012

Here’s the news I’ve been dreading for quite some time. I can’t say it surprises me but… dang.

My fear is that this is going to negatively affect the few record stores that are left and drive up prices of used discs.

Fears aside, it just saddens me that a whole generation will not know the joy of going to a store on Tuesday to pick up the newest releases. They will miss out on the entire social experience of purchasing music.

Don’t get me wrong, iTunes is great, but it can never give you the same experience. It’s just not the same.

I’m gonna have to go off and cry a little now.