I Used to be Better at This

I used to be better at this. 


I’m not sure if that’s really a good thing, but it’s the truth.


Erin used to travel a lot for work. Over the years I got used to it. But, since Michael’s birth, she hasn’t traveled as much.


Last night was the first time in a while that Michael and I were alone for the night. It went ok, but not as well as I had hoped.


Michael woke up at 9pm screaming. 


He woke up at 2am upset.


He woke up at 4am and fussed for a little while.


The dog also woke up at 4am and barked for 20 minutes.


Then Michael woke up again at 5am, so I brought him to bed.


I’m not sure what the source of his discomfort was, but it’s possible that he just wanted his mom.


Michael’s never been a very good sleeper, so I would be lying if I said this was outside of the norm for him. However, he has been sleeping much better than this over the last several months. I hope it’s not a new pattern for this week.


Here’s hoping tonight goes better.

New Year, New Challenges

It’s a new year, so it’s time to embark on a new challenge, right?

We began potty training Michael yesterday.

We spent pretty much the entire day in our hallway playing Legos and cars with a naked child in an effort to catch him before he needed to do his business.

It wasn’t easy.

And, it didn’t always go well.

The thought process behind this method is to keep him confined to a small area so you can watch closely for “signs.”

I’m not sure if this is the best method, but it’s a method. Everyone seems to have their opinion on “foolproof potty training.” I’m just not so sure any method is really “foolproof.”

Today, I’m at work, so I am missing out on the fun, but I did just get an encouraging message that there was some success. Here’s hoping more is yet to come.

Advent Calendar

Now that Michael is two, and starting to understand more and more, it’s time to begin creating our family holiday traditions.

So, last week, Erin bought our first Advent Calendar.

Michael was ready to open it immediately, but with a little convincing we were able to explain that we needed to wait until Monday, today, to open the first box.

This morning, I realized that the entire calendar was empty.

I don’t know why I expected it to be pre-filled, but I did. I’m glad I checked. Now, Erin and I have to figure out how to fill all 25 days.

So, how do we fill it? Thoughts?

After a little online research, the following ideas were my favorites:

Bible Verses
Activities (buy Christmas tree, etc.)
Christmas stories (picture or line from a book we will read that day)
Christmas movies (picture or line from a movie we will watch that day)
Small toys

What are your favorite Advent Calendar ideas?