Will it?

I guess we will see how this new album is received.

There is a lot of hype about this album being Weezer’s return to form. While I have grown confused over the years as to what that form is, I can say this album sounds like they purposely tried to recapture the sound of their early albums. Here are some quick thoughts during my first listen:

Ain’t Got Nobody: Starts the album off with a fury. Sounds like the Green Album with better production and a little more depth.

Back to the Shack: Fits their typical first single mold. It gets better as it progresses. I like the synthesizer.

Eulogy for a Rock Band: Not a comment about this song directly, but they are sounding good. Best production in a while.

Lonely Girl: Green Album, but better. Rivers actually expresses a little emotion here.

I’ve Had it Up to Here: A little falsetto. Verse is a little weird. Different style. Chorus is definitely Weezer. Strange bridge, but it comes back around.

The British Are Coming: I wish the subject matter was different. The melody is pretty good. I like the guitar solo.

Da Vinci: Whistling. Subject matter is goofy but the chorus has a strong melody. The build to the end it great. Strong ending. This actually might be my favorite so far.

Go Away: I am a sucker for the boy/girl songs. I wouldn’t mind more of this stuff. Kind of reminiscent of Blue/Pinkerton B-Sides.

Cleopatra: Starts out like classic Blue Album era Weezer with a little harmonica and acoustic guitar. Rivers is struggling to fit in all of the syllables of “Cleopatra.” Random heavy breakdown with counting in the middle of the song. Not totally offensive.

Foolish Father: Starts dark. Uplifting chorus. Strong ending. Musically reminiscent of the Green Album in some ways.

The Futurescope Trilogy: Long instrumental buildup. Reminiscent of Only in Dreams from the Blue Album. The “Hey” in the middle movement of the Trilogy are a little distracting. Heavy ending. Very few lyrics over all. I like what they were going for… just not sure I’m into it. I do like thematic repeat of the beginning riff from Back to the Shack.

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