Atheist churches?

This is interesting:

Atheist ‘mega-churches’ look for nonbelievers

We, Christians, should look at this carefully and find a way to respond thoughtfully in love.

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    1. That really is a different topic. And if you want to discuss intolerant, hate-filled behavior I would have to point the conversation back to our own treatment of other groups.

      Based solely on this article, I see a group of people looking for a community where they can find love and acceptance. If the church is denying them that, then we have a problem that we need to address.


      1. I don’t see how it’s a different topic at all. People who are simply looking for community interaction already have multiple secular and nonsecular options for it. Why go out of their way to recruit “nonbelievers”. Seems to me the whole point is to make atheism popular, and to spread a message that religion / faith is unimportant and fading. Not to mention the part about “hearing interesting talks”… which I’m sure are going to be peppered with all types of anti-religious messages.

        If you’re looking to make “the church” more inclusive great. “Intolerant, hate-filled behavior” is horrible regardless of which side comments these actions, but that’s a human flaw, not a religious one.


      2. I appreciate your comments; however, they made it seem as though you were equating all atheists with the angry anti-theists that you previously described. That is the leap I am rejecting. Those people may or may not exist, but the article specifically deals with a group who wants to be known for more positive things.

        If people are looking for a positive, loving environment, why shouldn’t we, Christians, offer that?

        That doesn’t mean we abandon our beliefs, or compromise ourselves. I just think we need to look carefully at how we treat others and be more welcoming to those who hold different views.

        I don’t think the church is for people with perfect faith. I think it’s for people who are open to discuss and struggle with their faith. I think it’s a place to be human.


      3. Yes I agree with all of that. Of course Christians should offer a loving environment, and it’s great that you’re attempting to spread that message.

        The problem I have with the article isn’t with atheists per say, but with an organized attempt to spread atheism as the correct view. That is anti-theism, regardless of what “good” intentions the organizers may or may not have.


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