Jurassic Park

My wife would tell you that Jurassic Park is my all-time favorite movie.

I’m not sure I agree with that, but it doesn’t help my cause that I saw it in IMAX 3D last weekend. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I was impressed to see that most of the film and special effects hold up, even by today’s standards. There are a few exceptions, but most of the movie is as terrifying as it was the first time I saw it in the theater at 12 years old. The part that struck me as particularly terrifying this time around was the scene where the T-Rex attacked the kids in the Explorer, breaking through the glass roof. The T-Rex in the rain, in the dark… it looked so good. So scary.

It amazed me that a movie can still be terrifying 20 years later, after hundreds of viewings at home. I guess good movies hold up.

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Christian, husband, father, Pepperdine alum, marketing account manager and more. Passionate about music, movies, religion, communication, nonprofits and the Lakers.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I wasn’t able to see it in an IMAX theater but I did see it in 3D. I may have to go again.


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