My iOS5 Update

My iOS5 update was pretty uneventful, which was a welcome surprise after hearing horror story after horror story of people trying to update. I’m not sure if the steps I followed helped me avoid disaster, or if I was just lucky enough to time it right so the Apple servers weren’t overloaded the moment my phone had to validate. But, at any rate, here are the steps I followed for the update.

  • First, I ran all the updates for my computer, including an update to iTunes 10.5. This took a while. I guess I had fallen a little behind.
  • Second, I synced and backed up my iPhone with iTunes, just for safe measure. In hindsight, I should have also set my apps to backup, because you lose them during the update if you don’t have them backed up in iTunes. I didn’t do that.
  • Third, I selected the option Download Only instead of Download and Install. Not sure if this made a difference, but it made me feel as though I could stop the process at any time and use my phone if the download took too long. It took me around an hour.
  • Fourth, after the update was downloaded to my computer I selected update and watched the fun begin. I would guess it took about 20- 30 minutes for the update to be applied to the phone and for iTunes to restore my settings (excluding the apps in my case).
  • Fifth, using the purchased section in the app store on my phone I re-downloaded all the apps I lost during the update.
  • Sixth, I started playing around with iOS5.

2 thoughts on “My iOS5 Update

  1. Now that you’ve played around with it, would you recommend the update? I updated my 3G with the new iOS and it was ruined, I’m scared the same thing will happen to my 4!


    1. I would recommend it if you have an iPhone 4. It seems to run a little smoother than the previous OS and you get some cool new features.

      I’ve only noticed one adverse side effect and it’s only marginally annoying. The battery seems to drain a little faster. Not much, but a little. I would guess the new notification system is what causes the drain but that’s just a guess.

      I you decide to upgrade be aware that it’ll take a while and you need to have everything backed up in iTunes, including the apps.


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