Whispersync for the car?

I picked up Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer the other day and I’m really getting into it. In fact, I was reading it while at my in-law’s the other night and when it came time to get in the car I was a little sad that I had to put the book down. That’s when I had this great idea.

Kindle needs to take their Whispersync technology to the next level. They need to take it to the car.

Say you’re reading a book on your Kindle. When you get in the car you can’t continue reading, unless your car stereo was to do the reading for you. Your stereo should have a kindle app that picks up where you left off. It could use the Kindle Whispersync technology to know they last page you read and continue with your book.

Now, I realize that you would likely have to purchase an edition of the book that allows for both text and audio, and that would probably drive up the price. But wouldn’t it be cool? Your car could pull your books through the airwaves and deliver them to you over your car stereo. It’s like a book on tape for the digital generation.

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