NASA, Asteroids, Probes and Earth

I read an article this morning over at Engadget about an asteroid that has a 1 in a thousand chance of hitting earth in the year 2182. Apparently NASA is working to send a probe to the asteroid to take samples for testing. Scientists speculate that these samples could help them understand how life began on earth.

I had a few thoughts while reading the article.

Doesn’t this seem like the plot for a movie? Or, maybe two ( i.e. Deep Impact and Armageddon)?

Wouldn’t extracting samples change the path of the asteroid possibly increasing, or decreasing, chances of a collision with earth?

Why do scientists always say that something will help them better understand the origins of life? It seems like anything and everything helps, but doesn’t help at the same time. Saying something could help really isn’t saying anything if you ask me.

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