Codes and Keys First Listen

Want to hear Death Cab for Cutie’s Codes and Keys in it’s entirety a week before it’s released? Head over to NPR First Listen

I just finished my first listen and I really enjoyed it. It’s tough to pay close attention while at work but for a casual listen the piano and synth driven songs worked quite well. I didn’t hardly notice that the guys set their guitars aside a little more than usual.

Codes and Keys, as a whole, is lighter and brighter sounding than their last couple while still maintaining the signature Death Cab sound. I wouldn’t call this album “pop” but it does venture in that direction at times.

The album seems to build steam as it moves along which provides for an interesting dynamic. Aside from the songs that have already been receiving radio and internet play (You Are a Tourist and Home Is a Fire) one of the songs that stood out to me most was St Peter’s Cathedral. It had a great sound that grew and grew as it progressed. I almost expected it to be the album closer but was surprised when it was followed by the folky Stay Young, Go Dancing.

I’ll have to listen to it a few more times before I really develop an opinion but I liked it. Give it a listen yourself and join me as I pick up a copy on May 31st when it finally comes out.

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