Mosque at Ground Zero

Smart move?

Probably not, unless you want to stir up a hornet’s nest of emotion.


Nope. They own the land.


Nope. We have this thing called religious freedom. Remember that?

What should be done?



2 thoughts on “Mosque at Ground Zero

  1. I spoke with a Muslim friend of mine about this. He agreed that it’s not smart on their end to build there. However, we both agreed that it’s not a political issue and certainly shouldn’t be a “campaign issue”. Unfortunately, too many Americans are being led by leaders who follow popular sentiment not the Constitution of the United States. It’s good for them, but bad for America.

    We forget that Muslims died in the Towers, also.

    Two good tweets from Rainn Wilson: They better not build a church anywhere near where Timothy McVeigh bombed Oklahoma City! Sacrilege.

    (McVeigh claimed to be a Christian)

    And a retweet by one of his friends: Currently within the “Hallowed Ground” of Ground Zero : Strip club, OTB, McDonalds, 9/11 Souvenir hawkers


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