Renewable Energy Certificates

I was talking with some co-workers this morning about Renewable Energy Certificates.  The topic came up while we were discussing cleaning products and how some companies purchase these credits to offset the damage done to the environment by the production or use of their product. 
Now, I may be naive about the subject, but this doesn’t really seem like good long term solution.  Yes, it’s nice that these companies are purchasing these credits, but it means that they are still producing chemicals that are harmful to the environment.  Does that seem weird to you too?
The thing that bothers me is that it gives companies the opportunity to tell the public that they are doing great things for the environment but in reality they are still doing harmful stuff. That’s kind of misleading if you ask me. 
I’m not normally an environmentalist, but in light of recent events like the oil leak in the gulf, I’m really beginning to think we’re doing some serious damage to our planet.  It’s probably time that we start to really think about the consequences of what we do.

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