Cup with a Cause

I stopped by the 7-Eleven across from my office this morning and noticed a new promotion while I was serving myself some coffee. The promotion is called “Cup with a Cause”, and it’s a philanthropic venture for 7-Eleven.  Here’s a description of the program from
The 7-Eleven Coffee Cup with a Cause program brings limited edition coffee cups designed by high profile entertainers and athletes into 7-Eleven stores nationwide. Each cup will benefit a charity of the celebrity’s choosing, with the organization receiving a $250,000 donation from 7-Eleven. This means that the next time you help yourself to one of 7-Eleven’s great coffee options, you’ll also have the chance to help someone in need. Now that’s hot. Cup with a Cause. It’s charity, by design.
It’s nice to see 7-Eleven doing something like this. And, with so many people visiting 7-Eleven each day, this will be great PR for all of the featured charities.  Very cool 7-Eleven.
The first featured cup benefits the Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation.

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