Where Do You Keep Your Wallet and Keys?

Lately I've been asking myself that question.  I used to be the kind of guy who keeps his wallet in the back right pocket, keys in the right front, and cell phone in the left front, but lately I've been questioning this practice.
First of all, it's annoying to sit on your wallet all the time.  And, not only can it be a little uncomfortable, but it can also wear a wallet shaped hole in the seat of your pants.
Because of this, I've been testing out some new configurations, but the problem always is where do you put the keys. Put the keys with the wallet in one of the front pockets and you damage the wallet.  Put the keys with the cell phone and you damage the cell phone.  And, keeping the wallet and the cell phone in the same pocket is out of the question unless you like giant bulges. It's quite a dilemma.
So, all this leads me to one question.  Where do YOU keep your wallet and keys? 

Published by Brian

Christian, husband, father, Pepperdine alum, marketing account manager and more. Passionate about music, movies, religion, communication, nonprofits and the Lakers.

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  1. I had this EXACT same dilemma about a year ago. I stopped doing the wallet-in-the-back-pocket thing because it was not good to keep sitting on it (except mine was in the back LEFT pocket).

    Consequently, my new preferred configuration is wallet in jacket or shirt pocket. If this is not possible, then I do wallet in front left, keys and cell phone in front right. There really isn’t any issue with “damage” to the cell phone. They stay separate within the confines of the pocket. Works for me!


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