How Should a Man Wear a Scarf?

It occurred to me the other night, when I stepped out into a brisk Burbank night to enjoy some frozen yogurt with some friends, that I don’t really know how to properly wear a scarf.  I like the look of the scarf, and have often wanted to become a scarf wearer, but every time I go to put one on I feel a little foolish, and unsure of whether I’m wearing it correctly.
This morning I did a little research and came to the conclusion that everyone has a different opinion of how a scarf should be worn. There do, however, appear to be a few basics that a scarf wearing man should be aware of. Here’s what I’ve found.
All in all, I found to be the best resource.  I’ll have to try out a couple of the options they provide and share my findings at a later time.  I don’t exactly feel comfortable going into the bathroom at work on my break to try out different scarf tying techniques. 
If you’re a man, how do, or would, you tie your scarf?

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