Android Apps I Use

A fellow Android user was asking for a list of apps that I use. So, I thought I’d just throw it up on my blog where everyone can see. Enjoy!

Android Apps I Use Daily
  1. Facebook – The official Facebook app was finally released this week for Android. Among the features unique to Android are a cool status update widget and a live folder containing the phone numbers of your Facebook contacts.
  2. TwitterRide – I’ve been a Twidroid fan, a Swift fan and now I’m using TwitterRide for my Twitter needs. It has a simple, clean user interface and does pretty much what I need.
  3. My Account – Great app from T-Mobile to keep track of your minutes, text messages, battery and memory status.
  4. TasKiller – If your phone is a little sluggish you might have too many apps running in the background. It’s the blessing and curse of Android. This app helps you kill unwanted tasks.
  5. Toggle Settings – You can set up different setting scenarios for different locations and activities and activate them without having to go through the Android Settings Menu. It’s a great way to adjust volume, screen brightness, etc.
  6. Pandora – A personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites Released this week, this music app has a cool widget that shows what you’re currently playing while giving you the ability to give each song a thumbs up, or down.
  7. Bible – From, this app has everything you could need in a Bible app. It’s fast, has multiple translations and it looks great.
Android Apps I Use Occasionally
  1. Shazam – This app will help you identify music playing on the radio, or anywhere around you. It’s amazing.
  2. MyMarket – Gives you a few more options than the standard Android Market.
  3. PhoneFlicks – Helps you manage your Netflix account
  4. Scoreboard – Sports scores and news.
  5. Where – A location bases directory or everything.
  6. Place Directory – Another location based directory. Less flashy.
  7. AP Mobile – AP News.
  8. – Amazon MP3 comes pre-installed. This is an app for the rest of the Amazon website. Pretty handy if you like Amazon.
  9. LastFM – Another personalized internet radio service. This was the premier internet radio app until Pandora came out.
  10. System Monitor – A simple monitor that will tell you your battery status, memory status, and current cpu usage.
Android Apps I would like to Use More
  1. HandyCards – Scan all of your club cards and store them in this app. You can then call them up when you’re at the checkout line and have the checker scan the code from your phone.
  2. ShopSavvy – Scan barcodes for items and compare prices at other stores. Great idea.
  3. Barcode Scanner – Scan barcodes and search for items anywhere on the internet.
  4. Brightkite – A location based social network. I love it, but don’t have any friends so I don’t really use it.
  5. Listen – A simple and easy to use podcast app.
  6. Google Voice – The official Google Voice app. It’s really cool, I just haven’t found a need to use it, or give out my Google Voice number.
Android Apps I Haven’t Really Used, but Would like to Explore Further
  1. Sherpa – Location based directory with a cool interface.
  2. Qik – Upload and stream video over the web.
  3. Imeem – Another cool internet radio service. Haven’t really tried it out.
  4. Google Sky Map – I love the idea of this app, but haven’t had the time to use it yet. I hear good things though.

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