Week in Review

Since this has been such an eventful week, I thought I'd try something new and write a Week in Review instead of my usual Weekend Update.

  • My Grandma McDonough passed away on Saturday afternoon. I'm going to miss her.
  • Had a BATH (BBQ At The House) for my cousin in-law.  He's getting married in a month.
  • Went to Las Vegas with the wife and in-laws on Sunday afternoon.  We stayed at the Encore and had a nice relaxing getaway.
  • Saw the Blue Man Group and Erin got to be part of the show.  You should ask her about it.
  • Left Las Vegas at 5 AM to get back to Fullerton in time for my Grandma's memorial service on Wednesday.  
  • Walked right into the memorial service as it was my turn to read a scripture.  I was a little frazzled from traveling all morning and wasn't quite prepared but it worked out ok.
  • Attended the wedding of a good friend from High School, and got to see a few other old friends last night. 
  • Erin left for a business trip this morning around 6 AM.  She'll be gone through Thursday.
  • Today I've already mowed the lawn, put a load of laundry in the wash, pulled some weeds, straightened up the house a little, ate a quick breakfast at Western Bagel and am now thinking about working on the Focus.

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