Google Voice Fun

I've been playing with Google Voice for a week or so now, and I'm pretty impressed with the service.  One of the cool features of Google Voice is that it transcribes your voicemail, or attempts to.  Here are a couple messages they've transcribed for me so far.
  • hey it's me i'm trying to leaving i was calling to see if he wanted me to grab a pen for dinner from gimme a call sometime it's hello so hi
  • hey brian this is ray i just found my receipts for the trip so i'm looking to do is 5171 handicap's is actually 9852 so i guess i was little off i guess you know that so anyway i just want to give you those numbers so you could shoot you an email out to the guys so we can get settled up on that and then also since i was on the subject i wanted to talk to you about getting settled up on the deck cabin so give me a call back whenever you get a chance i'm on my all talk to you later dude bye
  • hey it's me give me a call there
While it's not perfect, I can actually tell what the three messages above were about.  It doesn't have to be perfect to work.  And, if it were to be really bad, I could always go back and actually listen to the real message. 

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