Twitter, TMZ and Michael

Yesterday was an interesting day to be a Twitter user. As I'm sure you've already heard from all the news outlets, Twitter was abuzz with tweets regarding the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.  When TMZ first broke the news of Michael's death I headed straight to Twitter to see what everyone else was saying.  It was interesting to see like-minded individuals not wanting to believe the news until one of the "more credible" news outlets confirmed the TMZ report. In a way it's funny that we were still hanging on to the idea that the old-fashion, news heavyweights were going to be the most accurate.  What Twitter proved to me yesterday, however, is that times may be changing. 
With a powerful service like Twitter we can be connected to people immediately in times of tragedy.  We can know information instantaneously. Yes that can lead to the rapid spread of misinformation, but that's no reason to dismiss the power of such a potent communication device.  I think the correct and most accurate information will prevail in the end regardless, so it really should be of little concern. 
I think, yesterday, we saw something change.  Twitter, a service which so many have written off as being useless is turning out to be useful. 

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  1. I have told at least three people this week that I think Twitter is here to stay. There are lots of skeptical people out there still, but the more I use it, the most useful it gets.


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