Weekend Update

  • Watched Away We Go with the wife.  We really enjoyed it. Definitely our style movie. Be forewarned, it’s rated R for some language and a little sexual content. It’s about a couple’s journey to find home.
  • Saturday morning I walked around downtown Burbank in the rain, while Erin had a breakfast meeting at Grandville. It was a quite enjoyable morning eating bagels, drinking coffee and wondering about.
  • Visited the brother-in-law in Irvine and the mother and father-in-law at their hotel in Newport (that’s where they stayed for the weekend).
  • Attended Mission Viejo Church of Christ Sunday morning.
  • Visited my parents for a little
  • Looked at the mustang and tried to solve the fuel line issue (I don’t have the correct fuel line?).
  • Got home at 11pm after being away all weekend and went directly to bed.

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