Weekend Update

Friday Night
  • Pizza and a movie at home.  We watched Tropic Thunder.  It was funny, but not a kind of funny I can recommend.
  • Spent the day with my family.  I saw my siblings and parents.  That hasn't happened since Christmas.
  • Worked a little on the Mustang.  I pulled off the power stearing pump and a bracket that needed some cleaning.  I would have put it back but having it off gave me access to the fuel pump, which I had previously cleaned and was ready to install. The fuel pump presented a problem though.  I thought I had the correct fuel line but as it turned out I didn't.  I'll have to order a new one. That's probably more than you wanted to know.
  • I also spent some time sandblasting and priming the air cleaner housing.  It was looking good until the lid fell into the dirt, right after having received a fresh coat of primer.
  • Church
  • Lunch at Islands with some friends, while Erin attended a Wedding Expo with my sister.
  • Took a nap and watched USC loose in a close game to Michigan State.
  • Shopped at Costco with the wife.
  • Watched SherryBaby with Erin.  I feel really bad now about wanting to break my Linten fast from Coke.

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