Recent Purchases: Music

I received a few gift cards last year for Christmas and my birthday. Since then I have been a music buying fool.  I guess I always was a music buying fool, but that’s beside the point.  The point is I was able to feed my music habit without hurting the pocket book, which is awesome.  Below are a few of my recent purchases.  My plan is to eventually follow this post with reviews of each of these albums, but for now, you’ll just get little snippets.

The Killers – Day & Age

I’ve loved practically everything they’ve put out thus far, so I was really excited to hear this release. 

Andrew Bird – Nobel Beast

I just happened to be in a store the day this disk was released and noticed it in the new releases section.  I loved the Mysterious Production of Eggs so I thought I’d give his latest a try. 

Radiohead – Ok Computer

My Radiohead collection was rather lacking so I thought I’d finally pick up a copy of this album. Up until recently I only had copies of In Rainbows, The Bends, and a pre-OK Computer EP.

Coldplay – Viva La Vida/Prospekts March

I had an illegal copy of Viva so I thought I’d get it legally along with the Prospekts March EP.

  Ben Fold Five – Whatever and Ever Amen


I didn’t care much for Ben when I heard a few tracks back in the 90’s but my musical taste has changed a little so I thought I’d give them another try.  I wouldn’t have thought of them except they recently came up on my Pandora play list.


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