Weekend Update

Friday Night
Erin and I went out to dinner at Black Angus and had one of their 4-course dinners for two. It was a ton of food. We started out with bread, which was followed by a sampler platter full of appetizers. We had potato skins, fried zucchini, shrimp cocktail, and buffalo chicken fingers. That was followed by rather large salads and then our dinners. Erin had prime rib with a baked potato, and I had rib eye with potato wedges, grilled vegetables and onion rings. For our 4th and final course we shared a mud pie. It was a ton of food.

We rolled our selves home and onto the couch where we watched Interview with a Vampire. It was an interesting movie.

We’ll call Saturday the lost day. Not much was accomplished, although much was attempted. I tried to finish up Erin’s car, but it was slow going and I discovered a potential leak below the lower intake manifold. Once that was discovered, I stoped in my tracks and decided to give up for the day. I think I’m going to have to take the lower manifold back off and buy another gasket set for it. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I do not want to take this engine apart again. Although, I’m guessing I’ll have to, judging from how things have gone so far.

Saturday night Erin and I were given the option of becoming the owners of one of her parents’ extra cars. We have been driving around their grey Oldsmobile while Erin’s car was out of service, but the time had come for them to get ride of both that car and their white Chrysler Town and Country. I guess they didn’t feel like paying insurance or registration on two extra cars any more. Understandable. So, if we wanted to have one of those two cars now was our chance. After very little deliberation, Erin and I chose to take the Town and Country.

The only hitch to these plans was that both the grey Olds and the Town and Country had been suffering from flat tires. It was an odd situation. Really, the Town and Country needed two new front tires, and the grey Olds needed multiple tires, but that’s more than you really needed to know.

So, Sunday, after I lead singing at church, Erin and I had some work to do. We had to prepare the grey Olds for donation, which included putting a new tire on the car (apparently it needs to have 4 good tires on it, for it to be acceptable), and, if we had time, we needed to put new tires on the Town and Country so we could drive it safely.

Erin found a great place to buy used tires in South Glendale so I took the tire off the grey Olds and we took our loose wheel there. When we arrived a little Hispanic woman greeted us and proceeded to take care of us. She was pretty incredible to watch. It was the fastest tire replacement I’d ever seen and it all happened in the course of one block of Metalica on KROQ. On our way back from there, we picked up the van and took it to Costco because it needed two new tires and we seemed to have the time to get it done.

While we waited for the van to be finished we ran back home and I put the tire back on the grey Olds. Once that was done, Erin took me back to Costco to pick up the van on her way to drop the car off at her parent’s house.

After the van was done, I raced back home to mow the lawn before the darkness of the evening set in, and before we had to rush off to our next appointment. I finished mowing in no time at all, and made it to the church in time to pick up some friends and head off to our small group meeting.

After small group we stopped by Souplantation for dinner and that was pretty much the end of our weekend. We stayed there past closing and got home with time to watch a little TV and fall asleep.

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