Weekend Update: TIRED!

I AM TIRED! This was an exhausting weekend full of shopping, fundraising, Broadway musical numbers, and very little rest.
Friday Night
Immediately following work, Erin and I began our weekend by shopping for a little fundraiser that Erin was in charge of organizing for the Associated Women of Pepperdine (AWP). AWP provides scholarships to students at Pepperdine University, and the Associated Women, put on fundraisers throughout the year to collect funds for those scholarships. The fundraiser we were purchasing supplies for involved selling goodie bags to the parents of the current freshman class and delivering them to the students in their dorms.
Saturday morning, I had a few hours to relax and drink my morning coffee before it was time to head out to Pasadena to work on my fundraiser. This weekend was Union Station Homeless Services’ annual jaz concert, An Evening for the Station. I helped setting up for the event in the morning and had a brief break in the afternoon, during which I went and helped Erin put together the goodie bags for her AWP fundraiser.
After my hour break, I loaded up 15, 20 lbs., bags of ice in the trunk of the Focus, and lugged them back to the concert venue. Shortly after I unloaded the ice, Erin arrived to help me with my event.
We worked hard and had a great time, and at about 11:30 PM it was time to head home and crash. It had been a long day.
Sunday, after church, Erin and I had a quick lunch at Tallyrand and then headed over to John Burroughs High School to see Burroughs on Broadway. One of the girls from the youth group at church, Allie, had an amazing performance as Cossete in the song One Day More from Les Miserables. The entire set from Les Mis was great, but she was especially good.
After congratulating Allie on her performance, we rushed back to the church to help begin the set-up for our annual Fall Family Festival, which is this coming Friday night.
That was pretty much my weekend. It’s nice to be back at a desk this morning, although given the choice I would have preferred my bed.

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Christian, husband, father, Pepperdine alum, marketing account manager and more. Passionate about music, movies, religion, communication, nonprofits and the Lakers.

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