One Chapter Comes to a Close

The Elders sent this letter out to the church last week. As the letter states there have been many hours of prayer and discussion regarding this decision. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I’ve struggled with this for quite a while. It saddens me greatly to close this chapter of my life, but I think this is the best decision for all the parties involved. I plan to remain active in the church, and will never be able to fully step away from serving in a ministerial role of some sort.

Dear Church Family,

After much prayer and consultation with the relevant parties we, the shepherds of the Glendale Church of Christ, have decided that Brian Himes’ decision to step down as Youth Minister effective immediately is the wisest one.

Brian has served the Lord and His children in a remarkable way for the past 3 years. Despite difficult circumstances he has been faithful in caring for the Junior High and High School teens in the teaching of the weekly Bible Class and organizing the Youth and Family Small Group as well as numerous personal individual ministry initiatives. We thank Brian for his dedicated and committed service and want him and our church family to know that we are proud of the way he has conducted himself.

We also want to say that we appreciate all the hard work Erin has done in this ministry as she has served by his side. We appreciate her caring spirit, compassionate heart and her enthusiasm for the Lord and His children very much.

We all wish there was a different outcome but Youth Ministry in small churches is cyclical. At this time we have very few High School aged teens. In years to come that will probably change, but as for now we all agree that there is not a lot we can do about the present situation and want to be good stewards of the current financial resources of our church.

We, as the shepherds of the Glendale Church, hope that as one door closes in Brian’s life that the Lord will open another door for him. We are convinced that the Lord has plans for people with deep compassion and talents, like Brian. We love Brian and Erin very much and pray for God’s richest blessings to be poured out on both of them as we all together work in His kingdom.

Yours in service of Jesus,

The Elders of the Glendale Church of Christ

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to come talk to me.

I have truly enjoyed serving as the youth minister to the Glendale Church of Christ. Grace and peace be with you all.

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