Weekend Update

Friday Night

Friday night seems so long ago.  I can’t really remember what I did that night.  I think it involved watching Becoming Jane, which may be why I’m blocking that memory.
Erin and I began our Saturday morning with a bunch of household chores.  I mowed the lawn, swept the house, and did some dishes while Erin did the laundry.  It was a pretty productive morning so we decided we do a little shopping in the afternoon. 
We set out on a mission to buy curtains for our bedroom, and kitchen. Half a day and 4 stores later, we had two rugs for our living/dining room, curtains for the kitchen and curtains for our bedroom on order with JC Penny’s.
After our exhausting shopping spree we had the pleasure of seeing Phantom at the Glendale Center Theatre.  We were generously given the tickets by my in-laws. 
It was a great show, and the second time I’ve seen the story of the Phantom of the opera performed on stage within the last couple months. I saw Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom of the Opera in Vegas on my most recent trip.
After the show we had a late dinner at Shaker’s and then headed home to watch SNL.  Wasn’t the Sarah Palin action funny?  Regardless of what you think of her as a VP candidate you have to admit she’s made for some great sketch comedy.
Sunday was filled with normal church activity in the morning while the afternoon was consumed by lunch, picking up a bookshelf that was being given to us by some friends, laying our new rugs down and situating furniture, and returning the van we borrowed from my in-laws to pick up the bookshelf.
After our eventful afternoon we went to our small group and then headed home for the evening, with a brief stop at McDonald’s to pick up a quick dinner.
Things I Did Not Accomplish This Weekend
In a new category for my weekly Weekend Update I thought I’d jot down a few things I had hoped to take care of this weekend but didn’t have time for.
  • Repair and smog Erin’s Car
  • Chang the oil in my Car
  • Hang curtains
  • Hang stuff on the bare walls of my house

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  1. You’re right. I totally forgot it… I should be able to come back soon to get some work done. I’m working this weekend, and we have some parts to put on Erin’s car, but hopefully that’ll be done soon.


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