You Aren’t Hurting Anyone

Let me give you a quick disclaimer. I am in charge of overseeing the direct mail program at a small non-profit organization in Southern California. Keep that in mind as you read this.

I understand that there are people out there who do not like direct mail. Heck, I’m not thrilled with the direct mail solicitations I get in the mail, but I understand it is a necessary evil. It’s a cheap way to raise money and with that money a lot of people can have better lives. Now, that said, I don’t understand those people who think it’s clever to send their their junk mail back in their response envelopes. Truth be told, it doesn’t hurt us one bit to open an envelope full of junk. In fact, if anything, it provides a little comic relief to my day. I’ve received jumbo-sized fake money, religious tracts, other people’s direct mail appeals and all sorts of odds and ends. It’s pretty humorous. I used to keep a wall in my cubicle covered with the best responses.

Now, I’m going to direct the rest of this post directly to these people who obviously are offended by receiving mail solicitations. If you think you’re making a point; the point is lost. It’s not going to cause us to think twice about sending out mailers. If you truly are opposed to receiving mail, send us your name and address and ask us to remove you from our mailing list. We will be happy to do so. If you don’t send us your name, and instead choose to send us your junk, we can’t do anything. We don’t know who you are. Personally, I think it’s rather passive aggressive and childish to not give us your name when you send us your trash, but that’s just me.

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