Memory Card Albums And The Future of Music

It’s about time for another shake-up in the music industry. Digital music is here to stay, but there are still a few kinks to work out before we will be able to do away with a physical form of media (i.e. CDs). Compact Disks, which aren’t all that compact if you think about it, have been around for quite a while and it’s about time for a change.
Now, I’m not advocating that we do away with CDs. I love them. I probably have close to 1,000 (just a guess), but it seems as though there needs to be a new medium that will more easily allow you to use the audio device of the day, the iPod, or mp3 player. Currently, when I buy a CD I put it straight into my computer and then transfer it over to my iPod. There has to be a way you can skip that step. It seems as though some of the major audio devices are moving this direction with wifi available music downloads, but I’m not sure that’s going to appeal to the masses.
I think there’s still going to be a small group that needs the satisfaction of holding something in their hands and that’s where this idea of Memory Card Albums come in. There was a brief article in Rolling Stone the other day which announced that four major labels are making a select few albums available on memory cards. I don’t know if this is the answer, but it sure will be interesting to see what happens.
The main problem I see right now is that to use a memory card album you’d have to have an mp3 player with a memory card slot, or a computer with a memory card reader. And, if that weren’t enough of an issue, there are so many different memory card formats out there right now. It’s going to be confusing for the consumer and tough for the industry to settle on one format. Honestly, I think this may just be too many hurdles to have to jump to make this endeavor a success, but we’ll see.
It’s about time for something to change. It’ll be exciting to see what we end up once the dust settles.

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  1. That’s interesting. I heard a story recently about LPs being released with MP3 tracks included – I don’t know if it was for download or on a disk. I think you’re right about people wanting something in-hand. I think the little business-card size album download cards Starbucks has been hocking are interesting. I bought the first hard CD I had in a while recently, just for the sake of album art, lyrics, and credits, and found that it only had a single sheet with the cover art and on the back a web address where I could download additional info. Sheesh.


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