Weekend Update

The theme of this weekend was “relax.”  It’s pretty rare that Erin and I don’t have a billion things to accomplish in a given weekend, and this weekend was pretty relaxed, as far as weekends go.  Here’s my quick recap.


Friday Night

Erin and I straightened up the house a little, had a quick bit to eat at Porto’s and visited with a friend.  It was a nice quiet evening. 



I had a lot of household chores to take care of so I worked on those after watching a couple episodes of Beverly Hills 90210.  This is quickly becoming my Saturday tradition.  It used to be that I would watch the VH1 Top 20 Countdown, but since I discovered BH 90210 reruns I haven’t been the same. 


Sometime during my BH 90210 morning marathon I received a text message from my Dad informing me that the father of a friend of mine passed away in the tragic train wreck in Chatsworth on Friday afternoon. It was pretty disturbing news.   My Dad and I texted back and forth for a while and I check in with my sister out at Pepperdine who is also friends with the daughter.


After my texting I worked on a couple household chores and then Erin and I went and watched USC demolish Ohio State with a couple friends.  It was a fun game to watch, if you were rooting for the Trojans.


After the game Erin and I headed on over to the good ole AMC theater and watched the new Coen Bros. movie, Burn After Reading.  The movie was laced with obscenity after obscenity and some graphic violence, but somehow it managed to be pretty funny. I can’t really recommend it to anyone, but I enjoyed it. 



Sunday was pretty normal.  I taught the teen class and did announcements during the worship service.  I followed that up with lunch and a devotional at the youth small group and then went home for a rare Sunday afternoon nap. 


I awoke from my nap a little restless and ready to do something so Erin and I walked around The Great Indoors.  We had never been there before.  It’s quite a store.  A little pricey for my taste, but there was a lot of cool looking stuff.  While we were there I had my first Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino of the season from Starbucks.  


After that little expedition we had dinner at NYPD Pizza and then headed home to catch up on last week’s TV.  We watched the new 90210 and then Fringe.  Erin had missed the first viewing of Fringe because she was out of town.

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  1. I can’t believe you had never been to The Great Indoors! I have to say that “Burn After Reading” was BY FAR my favorite Coen Brothers movie that I’ve seen so far. (Granted, that isn’t saying much, because I’ve never really been a fan … but, still!)


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