Weekend Update

Friday Night
After a long day at work, Erin and I went clothes shopping. Not my favorite activity. However, as it turned out it was a great evening for it. Macys had an amazing one day sale and Erin and I were able to purchase 4 pairs of men’s pants, 4 men’s dress shirts, and a women’s suit for $200.
I had a hard time justifying the purchase of 4 pairs of pants and 4 shirts for myself, but in the end I went with it. I like to buy one thing at a time when I go shopping. So, I’ll pick up a shirt here, and a pair of pants there, but never will I purchase multiples in one trip. It’s against my nature. However, once I saw how little we spent in the check-out line I was fine with the purchase. Way to go Macys for having an amazing sale and Erin for having a 20% off coupon.

Went to my cousin Chad’s wedding. The ceremony was at a little church in Anaheim and the reception was at the Diamond Club at Angels Stadium. It was a nice little event, and it was one of those rare occasions where I got to see all of my brothers and sisters.

As usual, I taught the teen class at church. We spent our time discussing discipline and how it is an act of love and a means of instruction.

After class I lead worship. I got a lot of compliments on my worship leading this week. I’m not sure what I did that was different, but I’m glad people enjoyed it. I try really hard to plan worship that will please everyone while helping us focus on God. It’s a tough job, and sometimes it works out better than other times.

Sunday evening Erin and I went to Griffith Park with our church’s young adults group. We had a nice time just relaxing and throwing the Frisbee around.

And, since it’s Tuesday and I’m just writing this update I’ll give you a glimpse of my Monday…

Monday was a pretty miserable day. Work was rough and really busy. I seem to have an exponentially increasing number of projects on my plate, and each project turns into multiple projects. It’s never ending and I can’t seem to keep up all the time which worries me because my review is scheduled for this week… or has been. It keeps getting pushed back. Right now I think it’s supposed to be on Thursday.

And, as if my crazy work load weren’t enough, I’ve been a little distracted lately because it seems some changes need to be made in my ministry at church. I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while and I have yet to make any decisions, but yesterday I was asked to think about a few things that I was hoping to not have to deal with for a little while longer.

I guess that’s the trouble of having two jobs. Sometimes you’ll be hit from all sides, which is what seems to be happening to me now. It’s like the saying goes, “sometimes when it rains, it pours.” That’s at least how it felt yesterday.

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