A Parent’s Faith

Here's a question I've been pondering. When does ones faith cease to be their parents' and become their own?  And to follow that question with another question, if one fails to seperate themselves from their parents' faith will it hold as sacred a part in their being as it would if it were their own?


One thought on “A Parent’s Faith

  1. Good question. I’ve been thinking about that in the last week with new students around, and spending time last week meeting them and their parents. Chris Collins described it, in one session, as moving from “renting” to “owning” faith. If we lived in a culture where you didn’t leave home, how would it look? I wonder if the whole transition is partly because we believe there is something more real about people (and ourselves) when totally on their own. I think the transition is real, but I’m not convinced that it’s true.


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