Blogger vs. WordPress

I was recently speaking with a friend regarding blogging platforms.  I don't remember the exact question he asked me, but it was regarding which blogging platform he should use if he wanted to post a few pictures here and there.  This friend already uses the photo sharing site, Flickr, but wanted something a little more blog like. 
The majority of the short conversation centered around the Blogger vs. WordPress debate.  Having not used WordPress, my opinion was extremely limited, but I shared what I did know and what I have been able to observe.  Thinking back on the topic there was a lot more I could have told him but I think he got the gist of it.
Personally, I like the look of the WordPress blogs more overall.  It could be that I've just seen so many Blogger blogs out there and they all look the same.  Blogger users tend to all use one of the 10, or so, available templates. It's a little boring, if you ask me. With WordPress you seem to have more options.  More layouts to choose from and more functionality to add, but that's just my observation. 
Blogger has it's benefits though.  It is extremely easy to use and works with your Google account, which was a the reason I jumped aboard 3 years ago. With the release of Blogger in Draft, a special version of Blogger where they test new features before releasing them to the general public, Blogger seems to be working toward closing the gap between them and WordPress by releasing new functionality more quickly.  
My main gripe with Blogger is that they wont let you create multiple pages for your blog, as near as I can tell anyway. WordPress seems to allow you to have more than just the one page, giving your blog more the look of an actual website. It's probably a trivial issue to most, but for me it's kind of annoying.   
If I had it to do over again I'd probably use WordPress, but that's because I would like to be able to tweek more settings than Blogger typically allows.  I want to have all the gadgets and tricks available for my disposal, should I choose to use them or not.  Blogger is still a good tool, and it seems to be improving all the time, which is mostly what has kept me there.  Well, that and the fact that I don't want to have to move everything, but that's beside the point. 
I could probably keep rambling on and on indefinitely, but let me ask you a question instead. What blogging tool is your favorite? Where would you blog if you were starting from scratch?

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  1. I like your new WordPress digs. I’ve enjoyed WP, although I’ve had some trouble with some widgets. I keep thinking I’ll get it together and learn to use the platform to customize things, but I never have.


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