Blogger in Draft Issue?

This morning I went to check my Feedburner stats, as I do every few days, and I noticed something quite alarming.  I have 0 subscribers.  I normally have around 25, but today I have 0.  Strange huh?  My initial thought was that maybe Feedburner was experiencing some issues, because I don't believe that all 25 of my subscribers decided to up and leave me last night.  I don't think I've said anything offensive in the past few days that would cause such a mass exodus, so I decided to look a little further into the issue. 
My next course of action was to check out Google Webmaster Tools. After I logged in I noticed that my website had been un-verified.  Again, strange.  I'm not sure how that happened, but it has made me a little curious.  Two services which require pieces of code to be inserted into my blog are no longer functioning.  Why?
I haven't had the time or ability to check this yet, but my hunch is that Blogger in Draft, has a bug which caused the removal of those two pieces of code.  They had been functioning fine earlier this week, and I haven't made any changes; so, to the best of my knowledge that has to be the problem.  When I get home tonight, away from the firewall at work which keeps me out of Blogger, I'll check this out more closely. Until then I'll just wonder.


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