Did you feel that?  I didn't.  I was in the car driving to lunch.  I felt nothing.  The DJ on KROQ freaked out during the event, but I couldn't tell anything was happening.  I almost thought it was some publicity stunt or a joke.
Check out some information on the quake, and the possibility of aftershocks, below.  I pulled this information from the Southern California Seismic Network.

Magnitude: 5.8 Ml



29 Jul 2008   11:42:15 AM PDT

29 Jul 2008   18:42:15 UTC



33 deg. 57.51 min. N, 117 deg. 45.13 min. W

4 mi. (6 km) SE of Diamond Bar, CA                                  

28 mi. (46 km) ESE of Los Angeles Civic Center, CA


Event ID: 14383980


STRONG AFTERSHOCKS (Magnitude 5 and larger) –

At this time (immediately after the mainshock) the probability of a strong and possibly damaging aftershock IN THE NEXT 7 DAYS is approximately 30 PERCENT.



Most likely, the recent mainshock will be the largest in the sequence. However, there is a small chance (APPROXIMATELY 5 TO 10 PERCENT) of an earthquake equal to or larger than this mainshock in the next 7 days.


WEAK AFTERSHOCKS (Magnitude 3 to 5) –

In addition, approximately 12 to 40 SMALL AFTERSHOCKS are expected in the same 7-DAY PERIOD and may be felt locally.


This probability report is based on the statistics of aftershocks typical for California. This is not an exact prediction, but only a rough guide to expected aftershock activity. This probability report may be revised as more information becomes available.

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