Have you tried Cuil yet? It's the hot, new search engine created by ex-googlers.  It looks really cool, sexy in fact, but so far I'm not really impressed with it's functionality. 
Results are presented in three columns, giving the appearance of a newspaper. Each result is coupled with a picture, a link and a descriptive paragraph.  The aesthetic is great, but a little confusing.  I'm not sure which is the top result for my search.  I assume it's the top left column, but who knows.
In my few test searches I found images which didn't relate to the text, inaccurate results, and occasionally no results at all.  It was a little disappointing. 
I know they just launched, but I was hoping for something revolutionary, and I don't think this is it. They definitely have a long way to go if they hope to take any market share from Google. I for one wont be changing my search allegiances.


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