Communion Devo: Fresh and New

Do you remember that day you got a car that was new to you?
Do you remember how cool it was to check out all the new buttons and dials?
Do you remember driving fast, but within the speed limit, to test the car’s acceleration and handling?
Do you remember how exciting it was?

Perhaps I’m all nostalgic about my car because I was able to see so many amazing vehicles last night at Glendale Cruise Night. But it got me thinking about how exciting and fresh something is when it’s new to us.

How did you feel about your faith the day you were baptized?
How did you feel about communion the first time you took it?
How did you feel about Jesus the first time you really came to understand what he did for us?

I want to ask you this morning, as we prepare to share the Lords Supper with each-other, to look at it with new eyes. Try to recapture the excitement of your faith when it was fresh and new. So often, I just go through the motions and don’t really stop to think about the true power of these words:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

Let’s not just go through the motions this morning, or in our daily lives. Let’s look at Jesus and his sacrifice for us as something that’s fresh and new. It’s exciting isn’t it? It ought to be.

Published by Brian

Christian, husband, father, Pepperdine alum, marketing account manager and more. Passionate about music, movies, religion, communication, nonprofits and the Lakers.

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