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Here's an article that was written up about me in the Glendale Family Footnotes a few weeks ago.
Is he: A.) Brian Alexander Himes B.) Brian Aaron Himes C.) Brian Christopher Himes D.) Brian Michael Himes.  In regards to our lovable Youth Minister, there simply isn't a more qualified, loving and passionate teacher of our youth… even ablr to share with them a few forms of legal debauchery.  Oh yes.  Read on.  Growing up just down the road in Whittier, Brian attended school in La Mirada.  (It makse sense, just look at a map.)  He played a few hoops his Freshman year in high school, but soon thereafter began to enjoy other "recreational" activities.  Oh yes, again.  Please read on.
Attending the Sunny Hills Church of Christ, Brian was incredibly active with the Youth Group, and was a key ingredient to his group's dramatical force, traveling throughout the area, and even as far east as Albuquerque, NM, performing at Youth Rallies.  Brian did mee Erin (Dilbeck) Himes in high school, but Brian didn't "make his move" until much later… in fact, here it comes, Erin – Oh, she loves to hear it this way… Brian didn't "really take notice" of Erin until a summer camp in which he was a counselor, and Erin… well, she… was a camper.  But even being a classy gent way back in his late teens, Brian waited to verbalize his mojo until Erin was a fellow member of the Pepperdine student body.  Now, as you know, their wagons are hitched.  Besides, way back then, Brian had interests in other stuff of great importance:
Did you know? When Brian was in high school, he and some church buddies formed a group called the Brotherhood Alliance.  It all began when they were asked to "dispose" of an old Brother typewritter.  In order to properly dispose of it, they threw it down stairs, heaved it like the shot put, drug it by the power cord down the street behind a truck, and all the while, no doubt, laughed maniacally.  DYK? Brian's a motor-head, and the proud owner of a 65' Mustang.  DYK? Brian's a self-described music snob, so don't come talkin' no bad music to him.  And Last but not least: It's D.) Brian Michael Himes.

Published by Brian

Christian, husband, father, Pepperdine alum, marketing account manager and more. Passionate about music, movies, religion, communication, nonprofits and the Lakers.

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