Ford in Burbank

This weekend was the Burbank Fine Arts Festival which closes down San Fernando Boulevard to traffic between Magnolia and Olive.  It’s usually a lot of fun to walk around and enjoy the art, but with this weekend’s high temperatures there wasn’t much foot traffic, at least on Sunday.  I walked through part of it on my way to a Sunday lunch at Fuddruckers; however, what caught my attention wasn’t the art.  Ford had a display with the Fusion and the new Flex.  They were handing out t-shirts and letting people climb around in the vehicles.  With my recent vehicle troubles, I couldn’t resist exploring a little. 
The Flex is a pretty cool new cross-over.  It’s a hip-looking, boxy, wagon-ish thing.  My wife’s cousin, Ray, was quite intrigued by it.  I liked it, but wonder if there really is a market for it.  
What I was interested in was the Fusion.  I love that car.  If we had the money, I would trade in my Focus, which I also love, for the Fusion.  It’s kind of like a more grown-up version of the Focus.  It has a little more space but gets similar gas mileage with more power, great handling and increased comfort.  Also, I think it looks really classy. 
What I wish they had had on display was the Edge.  Fingers crossed, that will probably be the next car for Erin and me, if we’re able to afford it.    While they didn’t have it on display, they were able to tell us that there will be a hybrid Edge released in 2010, which is exciting.  I wish it were coming a little sooner though. 

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