Remember the Milk

I’ve been using Remember the Milk (RMilk), an online task scheduler, to keep track of personal, and church related tasks for the past couple weeks with mixed results.  In truth, no matter how intuitive and handy a task scheduling program is, it is only as successful as its user allows it to be. 


I am not very good at using task schedulers, but am forced to do so at my day job.  There I use MS Outlook, mostly because it is what I have.  However, since I do not use Outlook for church or personal matters I am forced to come up with something else.  Ideally, I would like for Google to create their own task scheduler that works in conjunction with Gmail, Google Calendar, etc; however, since that hasn’t happened yet I’m using RMilk. 


One of the coolest features of RMilk is that you can use third-party add-ons that give you some integration with some Google services.  You can also set it up with Twitter and have it tweet you tasks first thing in the morning or as they come due.  This would be really useful if you actually planned to do tasks at a specific time, which I rarely do.  I do see the value in this however.  Maybe some day if I become more efficient in planning my days this would be more helpful. 


Another cool feature of RMilk is the ability to have multiple To Do lists.  I have a list for personal items, one for church, one for work, and another for prayer.  I use the prayer list to keep track of all those people I say I will pray for and immediately forget about.  In that way, it has helped me immensely.


The final aspect of RMilk I want to address in this post is its simple and attractive interface.  The application prides itself on its ease of use, and it’s apparent in its clean simple design.  There are a few tricks that take a little work to figure out, but all in all I was up and running in a matter of a few moments.


I really like Remember the Milk and think it is a pretty darn good web application.  I enjoy using it and have high hopes for its future.  However, with that said, if Google were to come out with their own task scheduler tomorrow I’d be the first to jump on that band wagon.  Until that happens I’ll be using Remember the Milk for my task related needs.

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