Marriage and Divorce

I haven’t completely thought this through so please don’t string me up if it offends you. Do you think more marriages are failing these days because we desire instant gratification and have short attention spans? It seems as though we’ve become an extremely fickle generation and that coupled with the previous generation’s affinity for divorce has set us up for disaster.  Just a thought.


Props to Sara for getting me thinking.

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  1. I think people misunderstand the definition of love, probably because of that instant gratification thing. The purpose of marriage is not to make us feel good – feel those warm fuzzies that people refer to as being “in love.” That’s just a great side effect of a great relationship. What if we committed ourselves to our spouses, for their happiness rather than for ours? Nick and I are reading a book about this. The author says this kind of love is impossible unless we understand God’s love. The husband is to be like Christ and the wife is to respond like the church.Then, as we build each other up, we will get the gratification we desire. But only after we have given everything we have and more. It’s one of those spiritual principles…OK, done with the soapbox.


  2. I appreciate your soapbox speech. I need to be reminded of this each day. It’s really easy to be selfish and put your needs first… but that’s not love. When you think about Christ’s example of love it really brings things into perspective. He died because of his love for us. Now that’s love.


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