Guidance Needed

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my role in the leadership of the Glendale Church of Christ.  Currently I serve as a part-time youth minister who has his hands in not only the youth ministry but also the worship ministry, the young adult’s ministry, the website ministry, and several other ministries.  It is a lot for one person to be involved with, whether they are paid or not.  


As of late, my thinking has lead to many questions:

  • Do I focus on only one of those areas listed above or do I continue contributing what I can to as much as I can?
  • Do I continue in my role as youth minister in a congregation where the (high school) youth group is experiencing a downturn in membership? 
  • Do I address that downturn and redefine “youth” shifting my focus to the upcoming younger generation, preparing them for a more active high school ministry?  
  • Do I begin a new ministry to young families, fulfilling a desire in the hearts of many young parents? 
  • Do I put my time and energy into a growing young adult’s group that needs focus and direction?
  • Do I step down from my role as leader and allow someone else to take a crack at it?

Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to any of these questions and I am at a place where I need some guidance.  Consider this my call for help. 

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  1. I love these kinds of questions, in spite of how overwhelming they feel. The main reason for that, is I think when you ask questions like this, you’re at a crossroads, and often God is about to do something cool. :)The first thing I would do is fast and pray about it. The second thing I would do is talk to someone about it whose spiritual opinions I trust.The third thing I would do is talk to my spouse about my thoughts and get theirs. (The second and third things may be out of order…I’m not sure)Then, I would make a decision and do what I’ve decided to do wholeheartedly, confidently, with a continual reliance on God.


  2. Ditto. Hopefully, there are a few folks at your congregation whose love for and history with the church can serve your discernment process.


  3. I always think of when Jesus said the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. there are so many areas and ministries of the church but not enough people that step up and take leadership. i think it’s important to take others under your wing and disciple them. not to just step out of a ministry and see if God brings someone (unless that is what He is calling you to do, of course).Just because a ministry isn’t booming doesn’t mean it should be neglected to changed. When i first starting teaching preschool I had 2-3 preschoolers and now the Lord has brought about 20. And I work as hard as I did with my 2-3. Maybe this is a great chance for you to disciple those the Lord wants to raise up as leaders. Do some team work.I have seen how fruitful it has been at the church I attend. The Lord has allowed me to disciple about 5 people and now they head up ages and ministries that we didn’t have before.Wait on the Lord. You may not be required to make a decision right at this moment, wait for His perfect timing.


  4. I don’t know what you have your hands in except for what you do online. You seem busy, but you take the time to talk online. By doing this you have reached out and touched me. Jesus shines through you even on the internet. So I can imagine he is in you wherever you go. I hope God keeps doing whatever he is doing with you, because from my end you are doing a fantastic job. You can rest in heaven.


  5. Wow. Lots of great comments. Thanks guys. It’s good to be loved. I’ll keep you all updated as I take your comments to heart.


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