While reading a review of McDonald's McSkillet Burrito this morning I came across an interesting article on different ways to eat pop-tarts.  I love pop-tarts and growing up I only thought there was one way to eat them.  Little did I know, my way of eating them was totally different from everyone else's.  
When I eat pop-tarts I like to take the unfrosted strawberry variety and toast them.  After they're nice and toasty I butter them up and then they're ready for eatin'.  When I commence to eatin' I always eat the toasted crunchy edges first, leaving the gooey strawberry center for last.  Now, I never realized this was strange until my wife pointed it out to me. And, after not seeing it on the list of Best Ways to Eat a pop-tart, I have come to realize it's probably even weirder than I had been lead to believe. 
So, with all this in mind.  How do you eat your pop-tarts?  What's your favorite way to enjoy these wonderful breakfast treats?

3 thoughts on “pop-tarts

  1. Well, you know how the frosting almost always drips down? I eat that part last. I don’t toast it and on the rare occasion that I do, I rip it in half so it will cool faster because I like them more cool than hot.


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